I’ve always been fascinated by primates: they’re so human-like in their gestures, expressions and behavior that it’s almost impossible not to feel empathy for them.   Unfortunately, there’s a wild yellow fever outbreak happening in Brazil, and primates are strongly affected by the disease. In wild yellow fever, mosquitoes of the genera Haemagogus and Sabethes transmit the virus and monkeys are the main hosts; In this situation, human cases occur when a non-vaccinated person enters a wilderness area and is bitten by a contaminated mosquito. 

The Common marmoset
A dark future?
The slaughtering
Why us?
They're victims just like us
I can find my own food!
A safe diet
We're not pets!
Never pet a wild animal

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A dark future?

The Yellow Fever outbreak, which is striking Brazil, is a huge public health issue. Apart of that, another problem can make the situation become even worse: thinking the disease is transmitted by monkeys, people are massively killing them. Even endangered species of primates, like the Golden Lion Tamarin, aren’t safe, and the government, showing its weakness in which regards to conservation, isn’t able to stop the slaughtering.