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Photographic images of specimens in their natural environment are a highly effective way of presenting the fauna inhabiting a specific biome, like the Caatinga, to the general public. Besides the return in terms of knowledge of the species itself, their habits may be well studied, since the animals can be photographed in peculiar situations such as nesting, mating, migration or predation. Since nature photography requires a slow process of introspection hardly achieved in only a few visits,  a permanent work is critical in order to locate and capture images of specimens that inhabit or pass through the Caatinga Biome. 

Roadside hawk
Glittering-bellied Emerald
Tropidurus lizard
The Ochraceous Piculet
Cattle egret
Turkey vulture
Green iguana (young)
Red-cowled cardinals
Roadside hawk
Female caatinga antshrike
Green iguana (old)
Boa constrictor
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